The quest for answers began around age 10. And so it began, the great human experiment. 

A farmers daughter, Rachel struggled to accept the number on the scale all her life. She was always one of the heavier kids in her class, even though she was usually the youngest. This bothered her for a long time But in her heart, she knew she was also one of the STRONGEST!

Nearly two and half decades later, Rachel's business and philanthropic minds collided to bring you Dunk Truck.

The MISSION is to abolish obesity and PREVENT disease, one body comp, RMR, and VO2 test at a time. 

Rachel  holds current ETP Nutrition Certification, CPR / AED, NASM CPT, and CrossFit Level I Coach Certification.

Her competitive spirit can be witnessed as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor, kayaking, yoga, coaching, swimming, and most anything that will yield a great sweat!



Meet Mark.

A happy go-lucky guy from Fayetteville Arkansas.

After graduating from college Mark found himself not so happy and realized a major cause of that was being unhealthy. So, Mark took a chance and tried something he always wanted to do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He fell in love and now trains consistently at Unit 2 Fitness under Professor Roberto Traven.

He's lost weight, changed his eating habits, and started competing in tournaments. Needless to say, Mark found his happy self again.

Mark couldn't be the person he is without the support his Dunk Truck and Unit 2 family provide, and we can't forget, his English bulldog Miyagi.

Mark wants to share his joy by helping you become your best self! That's why he loves the Dunk Truck, so he can help you with realistic goals so you can better your life.

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Meet Hayden!

She moved to Atlanta a few years ago to pursue her career in acting. Since then she's been focusing on becoming the best version of herself, which she discovered means being super healthy.

In her quest to becoming healthy, she stumbled upon Unit 2 Fitness where she fell in love with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, parkour, and kickboxing. Now, she is not only an actress but an athlete, stunt woman, voice artist, and marketing specialist.

She stays healthy by being focused, eating clean, and training daily. She believes the key to a happy and successful life, is staying healthy! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn't easy, but the Dunk Truck helps!  

It's imperative to have an awesome support system and that's what the Dunk Truck is. Hayden wants you to DUNK and join the family that is the Dunk Truck!